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Building a scalable platform for smoother community relations and project permitting across the U.S.

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Lead, Don’t Follow
Initiate and lead
conversations in local
communities and across the country
Build Communities
Organize the people and voices in support of clean energy to be our advocates
Frictionless Growth
Create a trail of happy,
productive communities to enable frictionless growth in other regions
Formed by a group of experienced clean energy advocates and business leaders, Apex Clean Energy was no stranger to the unique challenges faced by clean energy developers when they go to build projects in rural America.

Rather than waiting until opposition groups had taken root or a permit was already in jeopardy, Apex wanted to develop a playbook for scalable, repeatable communications strategies that could be set in motion in communities across the country as early in a project opportuny's lifecycle as possible.
Start Early & Be Consistent
These two principles are proxies for overall corporate commitment to communications. If your leadership is genuinely aware of the importance of community relations and proactive communications strategy, then they will naturally buy into starting early and being consistent across your portfolio.
Targeted Paid Media
The primary online advertising platforms run by Google and Facebook — plus a slew of growing alternative players such as Nextdoor, Spotify, and Hulu — offer truly unprecedented ability to reach exactly who you want with a message tailored just for them.
Calls to Action
The truest power of digital communications is the ability to ask people to take follow-on actions right on their phone or computer. It is a shockingly efficient way to identify individuals who are truly supportive of clean energy developments — and to get them to put that support into action in their communities.
Community members in and around Apex project sites who we've directly engaged with via message and chats online
Weeks it takes to form and launch a location-specific strategy for Apex, compared to 12 weeks for new clients who do not already have a playbook and in-house capabilities
Project sites where opposition groups have taken control of the narrative in the local community in past 12 months

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