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Creating a platform for clean energy investment vehicles

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Intuitive UX
Build the foundation for NOVUS’ site content and page taxonomy and identify the key messaging and actions we want audiences to experience.
Functional Design
Integrate NOVUS’ brand ID within each element of the pages and buttons while ensuring design did not trump functionality, key messaging, or desired user actions
Drive Results
Ensure each page of NOVUS’ new site intuitively drives users to the action we want them to take throughout the site.
Site Map
Develop a strategic site map that aligns all of NOVUS’ content with a friendly user-experience.
Brand ID & Site Design
Refine and incorporate brand identity into pages designed to attract audiences’ attention to the key aspects of NOVUS’ brand promise.
Develop & Launch
Develop approved design mockups, translating beautiful design work with user-friendly site functionality.
our approach
An elegant, mobile-optimized website that clearly defines NOVUS’ mission and services that drives audiences to the desired calls-to-action of each page.
The Extra Mile
Managing a new website after it’s been delivered can create serious problems for businesses. Bantam worked with NOVUS to identify which elements of the site would need to be updated and managed over time, creating a custom training manual that gave their organization control over small edits and updates in the future.
the Results

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