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Illuminating the landowner story

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case study
Educate the Constituency
Educate landowners about the direct benefits of a project land lease
Craft the Right Narrative
Leverage real stories from farmers and ranchers who have worked with Ørsted
Message the Benefits
Communicate the benefits that positively impact the community at large
Road to job site
Ørsted needed to reach and educate landowners about farmland leases, speaking directly to their motivations and concerns while inspiring trust. To pull this off, we knew we didn’t want to use company spokespeople or corporate infographics to share the message when we had actual ranchers and farmers who could describe their experiences leasing land to wind projects.
Bantam’s production team got to work, identifying ranchers who hosted wind turbines in West Texas and unpacking their individual stories into an educational and emotional video. We storyboarded the unfolding narrative and then flew to the Lone Star State for an intensive 3 days of interviewing landowners, collecting drone footage, and filming b-roll of the farmland and the community.
Greeting farmers
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