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Scaling success with regional project communications

case study
A Targeted Approach
Reach and educate project communities about tangible community benefits across Virginia, New York, Arizona, and California.
Vocalize Support
Overturn opposition hearings with proactive public affairs campaigns.
Highlight Success
Celebrate community partnerships between projects and their citizens.
Using leading-edge targeting and delivery methods on Facebook, sPower shared key messaging to communities who reside in project footprints across the country.
From economic development and landowner benefits to energy independence and environmental welfare, the strategy established sPower as a community-focused company and their projects as long-term assets for economic development.
We built trust and integrated sPower projects into their community footprint by making sPower pages a source of local news, providing information around financial support, donations, and community involvement.
our approach
project community members across sPower’s 15 projects watched inspiring and educational video campaigns for ¢0.02 per video view completion.
total video cost
By comparison, a single 30-second local TV spot would have cost between $12,000 to $100,000 depending on the network and timeslot.
Proactive opposition management
Local opposition groups joined forces and filed a complaint against a high-profile project, citing that sPower was providing insufficient local construction job opportunities to the community. We produced a campaign that celebrated sPower construction workers while highlighting their positive testimonials, targeting voting board members and the county. A hearing was established, the vote was taken, and sPower won the vote against the plaintiff’s—enabling sPower to continue the development of the project.
Community Engagement
By focusing on project community needs and interests, we built a sense of community between sPower projects and townships by celebrating local partnerships.

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