We help clean energy developers win hearts and minds.

Bantam Communications provides clean energy companies with turnkey strategic communications and public affairs solutions. Our team conducts rigorous community assessments, plots strategic roadmaps for stakeholder engagement, and educates residents about clean energy with an efficient, digital-first approach supported by scalable protocols and a leading-edge technology platform.

With this foundation, we engage landowners, key community stakeholders, and elected officials alongside their constituents to build support for timely permit approvals.
Our story
We work exclusively with clean energy companies and have consulted on more than 150 projects across the U.S., helping our clients’ efforts succeed from origination through operations across their entire development pipelines.

We are headquartered in beautiful Charlottesville, VA, with talented employees across the country.
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A culture of transformation.

We are a united team of clean energy:
We exist to provide comprehensive public affairs designed to fit the unique needs of developers.
Team member
Natasha Healey
Founder & CEO
Hannah Cullen
Patrick Chilton
Director of Community Affairs
Team Member
Sarah Ruiz
Director of Digital & Technology
Team Member
Taylor Canfield
Head of Public Affairs
Team Member
Kelly Ferguson
Project Director
Nick Roy
Campaign Strategist
Chuck Corra
Associate Director of Research
Associate Director of Media Relations
Brady Ruffin
Associate Director of Media Relations
Becca Garza
Project Manager
Laura Crandall
Senior Researcher
Team Member
Alex Valadez
Social Media Manager
Bryant Hummons
Digital Marketing Manager
Team Member
Javier Gonzalez
Reporting & Data Analyst
Team member
Graeme Jenvey
Video Producer
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