Community Organizing
& PR

Bring Communities Together

Bantam's specialized team of utility-scale development public affairs and communications experts work as embedded members of your project team, overseeing and managing all community engagement protocols and deliverables. We engage the media for paid and earned coverage, identify and organize project support, and consult and advise on public engagement efforts between development and the community every step of the way.
Grants & Sponsorship Consulting
We leverage the findings from the Discovery and Strategy phase into an actionable outreach plan, setting development teams up with thoughtful approaches for community giving opportunities that position the prokect as a long-term asset in the community and aligns incentives.
Media Relations
Media buys celebrating community grant opportunities, press releases acknowledging important project milestones, and letters to the editor championing the local voices of support for a project are impactful strategies Bantam manages on behalf of the project.
Event Management
Landowner dinners, community open houses, and project supporter pizza parties all play an important role in community organizing. Bantam manages the entirety of local event planning, from the venue and catering to the agenda and guest list. We prepare development teams to make the most of their time on the ground.
‍We employ strategies that allow us to understand the community, build trust, and create a transparent and open line of communication. The intent is to foster an environment where the project is considered an integral part of the community’s growth and development.

Watch here to learn more about the project-critical local issues Bantam addresses

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