Digital & Technology

Leveraging Best-in-Class Digital
Bantam's specialized team of utility-scale development public affairs and communications experts work as embedded members of your project team, overseeing and managing all community engagement protocols and deliverables. We reach, educate, and activate local communities about the benefits of clean energy in their township through best-in-class digital marketing.
Project Websites
A clear and easy-to-navigate project website is mission-critical to project communications efforts, serving as a home base for the project's timeline, benefits, frequently asked questions, landowner testimonials, digital advocacy efforts, and more. We produce attractive and customizable project-level websites with user-friendly advocacy-building functionality built directly on the site—making letter of support and/or petition campaigns turn on with a few clicks of a button.
Facebook Management
Share project benefits, local partnership, and grant information, project updates, relevant local, regional, and national clean energy news, and event information with monthly organic content calendars.
Digital Advertising
Run highly targeted educational campaigns that tout the county-specific benefits of the project, page-like campaigns that identify and invite project supporters to follow the page, lead generation campaigns that make it easy for local clean energy advocates to get involved with supporting the project, and event campaigns that inform townships where public meetings are held.
Paid Media
Bantam produces unique paid advertising strategies designed for the specific needs of our clean energy clients across corporate and project-level goals. From amplifying thought leadership content and ensuring attendance to industry webinars to educating townships of project benefits specific to their community to cultivate local support networks, we know how to leverage the paid media landscape to make your objectives a reality.

+  Platform setup and strategy
+  Campaign creative production
+  Intelligent targeting
+  Performance-oriented benchmarks and reporting
Social Media
Social media management enables clean energy organizations to leverage the unique 1:1 communication abilities social platforms’ offer.We produce and manage ongoing social media strategies that cultivate trust and authority in the industry and educate project communities on the long-term benefits of a project in their township, sharing positive earned media, local community news, and educational material.

+  Platform setup and strategy
+  Content production and scheduling
+  Social listening
+  Community management
+  Performance-oriented benchmarks and reporting
Community Management
Properly answering questions and correcting misconceptions is a powerful and persuasive ongoing communications strategy. Bantam Community Managers monitor your social presence across platforms and engage your supporters and critics. Over the years, we have accumulated a reliable “community response matrix,” allowing us to deal tactfully with challenging questions facing wind and solar communities.

+  24-7 social media listening and monitoring
+  Sharing pre-approved responses to community questions and comment
+  Hiding comments that violate the pages community guidelines
+  Blocking accounts that violate the pages community guidelines
+  Monthly community sentiment reports
A Note About Facebook: Facebook is an incredibly powerful educational and organizational tool in Bantam Communication's toolkit. Facebook’s ability to educate communities at scale for pennies on the dollar while identifying and organizing project supporters is unparalleled to any other platform on the market. Bantam acknowledges the perceived risks of proactively engaging on Facebook's platform when it comes to the unintended consequence of activating project opposition, but our collective experience managing Facebook pages for utility-scale wind and solar projects across the country has shown us that the benefits of the platform far outweigh the risks.
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