Public Affairs
& Community

With more than a decade of communications leadership on some of the most challenging national, state, and local issues, we cut through the congested media environment and reach the people essential to our client's objectives. From developing a national media plan to organizing a county hearing, our team has extensive expertise in public relations and community organizing.
Media Relations
Bantam works with reporters, producers, and journalists on local, regional, and national levels, providing media outreach, managing incoming inquiries, and helping support proactive or reactive strategies over the short and long term.
Media Materials
Whether it is a press release announcing your big news, a statement in response to a reporter question, letters to the editor and op-eds for a local paper, or a press release sharing critical background information, Bantam partners with developers to draft and distribute effective and accessible materials to support your communications strategy and seize the attention of the media contacts you want to reach.
Coalition Building
Over time, digital marketing leads to genuine “in real life” community engagement. We mobilize supporters for everything from petition signing and making phone calls, to actually showing up at town halls and resolution votes.
Bantam leverages “customer relationship management” knowledge and experience from the digital marketing world, measuring the success of client’s engagement efforts in real-time, and making the adjustments needed to steer project engagement operations toward approval—ahead of the final vote.
+  Identify local support using social media
+  Grow email lists of project supporters
+  Cultivate support network relationships
+  Provide educational project resources
+  Share petitions, town hall meetings, & votes with supporters

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