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Ongoing Development Support

Bantam's approach during early-stage development revolves around relationship building, stakeholder engagement, and efficient communication. We understand that the groundwork laid at this stage is crucial for the project’s sustainability and community acceptance.
The Bantam BAM Analysis
The Bantam BAM (Brave, Alert, Motivated) analysis tool helps focus our situational awareness on the most important, actionable factors.
Core Top-line Messaging
Articulate the core community messaging that aligns project benefits with the stated and interpreted needs and desires of the community's goals. These messages are used in 1:1 outreach, digital, and local media relations.
Priority Stakeholder Outreach
Distill community assessments, BAM analysis, and top-line community messaging with a tactical priority stakeholder outreach plan that identifies tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 members of the community that need to be engaged in early-stage development.
‍We employ strategies that allow us to understand the community, build trust, and create a transparent and open line of communication. The intent is to foster an environment where the project is considered an integral part of the community’s growth and development.

Watch here to learn more about the project-critical local issues Bantam addresses

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